Radiological testing of environmental samples

Protection of water resources, control of the radioactivity of drinking water and reduction of carbon dioxide emission of fossil origin are of paramount importance in the European Union.

Environmental isotopes are frequently used for the purposes of studying flow conditions in groundwaters (mixing ratio, flow velocity, direction, water age). With the acquisition of Hydrosys Labor Kft., a company holding great experience in this field, WESSLING Hungary Kft. is now able to carry out these tests that require a high level of professional competence in a single laboratory, which is unparalleled in Europe.

Our services in the field:

  • Determination of tritium, radiocarbon, radium and radon activity from water samples
  • Determination of water age by radiocarbon testing
  • Plotting tritium profiles in soils
  • Preparation of environmental samples for isotope measurements
  • Measuring alpha and beta activity in environmental samples
  • Determination of radiocarbon and tritium contents in fuels, wastes, food items and plants
  • Determination of the biomass content of waste samples and fuels
  • Preparation of water quality and environmental expert opinions
  • Consultancy on measurement methodology

Your contact for radiological testing: