Chemical and physical analyses

Safe food assessment are based on the reliable independent analyses performed by WESSLING’s highly qualified technicians and other professionals.

Experts at WESSLING  evaluate a chemical-physical food analysis

We provide our customers with reliable results from our tests of the chemical and physical properties of their products. Those reliable results are enabled and guaranteed by our up-to-date laboratory facilities as well as our effective and efficient processes.

Our services:

  • Composition and nutrient analyses
  • Food additive measurements
  • Vitamin content identification and measurement
  • Fatty acid composition identification and measurement
  • Honey analyses (all of the conventional tests, detection of adulteration, chemical residues)
  • Dietary supplement analyses
  • Identification and measurement of metals (micro and macro-elements, toxic heavy metals)
  • Identification and measurement of crop protection products
  • Mycotoxin analyses
  • Identification and measurement of allergenic components
  • Measurement of other undesirable components: (acrylamide, atropine, nitrates etc.)
  • Organoleptic tests – food safety
  • GMO tests
  • Conformity assessment

If you’d like to know more about our chemical and physical analyses, download the detailed list of our services

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