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WESSLING performs efficient and reliable analyses to help food industry operators comply with the relevant statutory regulations and contribute to raising food safety to ever higher standards.

Chopping boards are food contact materials made of wood

The success of food products and brands depends, in the long term, on quality and safety; on the one hand, because of the need for compliance with statutory regulations and the requirements prescribed by the competent authorities, and on the other hand because consumers are highly sensitive to product quality and take a long time to forget any experience of products with quality issues.

In addition, our accredited laboratory analyses also contribute to the strengthening of your brand.

To this end, we offer you a wide variety of food analytical methods: from chemical and physical analyses through organoleptic tests to microbiological and molecular biology analyses.

Our highly qualified professionals keep you continuously updated during the whole of the analytical process.


Our specialists provide solutions for your industry

WESSLING provides individual service packages that are tailored to the needs of your company.

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Your contact for food analysis

„Our highly qualified laboratory crew make sure that we perform reliable independent food analyses. This is how we help our customers guarantee that they produce truly safe, healthy and tasty food products.“
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Analysis and evaluation of pesticide residues


At WESSLING our competent team of experts is at your disposal for this highly sensitive analysis - using state-of-the-art measuring instruments and methods we provide you with reliable results.

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Petri dish for microbiological food analysis

Reliable checks and qualified training courses

Food hygiene

The experts at WESSLING record the hygiene status of your production in all details - and train your management and employees in accordance with the food hygiene regulations.

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Colourful plastic cutlery

Safety through laboratory analysis

Materials with food contact

The across-the-board expertise at WESSLING ensures that your materials for food contact are produced to excellent standards and marketable - so that consumers can consume safe, good quality food.

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