Point sources of atmospheric pollution

Precise knowledge and continuous monitoring of the material flows of any operating technology is crucial for the operator of the technology concerned, in order to follow the principles of environmental awareness and to comply with the relevant and applicable statutory regulations.

industrial plant

One of the most important material flow concerned is that of atmospheric emissions, in the case of both industrial and commercial actors.

Besides the need to avoid hefty fines charged for operations without authorisation or not in line with the applicable authorisations, particular attention must be paid to the protection of the air we all breathe in.

Our technicians and professionals help our customers in designing their emission measurements and, with the involvement of suitable sub-contractors, in taking the necessary measurements. Our licensed air quality experts provide you with our services in obtaining emission licences from point sources in relation to the measurements carried out, in modelling the impact areas and in the preparation of the basic notifications and the annual reports to be submitted.

- Project management
- Environment impact assessment
- Risk analysis
- Approval procedures
- Environmental management
- Legal compliance

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