Legionella risk assessment

WESSLING is your most suitable partner in legionella control. We help our customers in checking and controlling water quality by a wide range of tests and analyses.

People are exposed to drinking water every day

Legionella risk assessment has been a mandatory requirement for public facilities since 2016. The facilities concerned include, among others, health and social institutions, commercial accommodations, wet cooling towers, owners and operators of aerosol-producing public baths with hot-water pools, particularly those where effervescent pools, fun pools or hydrotherapeutic pools are operated.

WESSLING’s professionals and technicians provide assistance for facility operators, operators of water supply plants and other facilities as well as the operators listed in the drinking water decree in assessing and managing their Legionella risks to help protect the health of tenants, customers and employees. We work out, or review, their Legionella risk assessments and perform the mandatory monitoring checks.