Groundwater monitoring systems

Precise knowledge and continuous monitoring of the material flows of any operating technology is crucial for the operator of the technology concerned, in order to follow the principles of environmental awareness and to comply with the relevant and applicable statutory regulations.

WESSLING analyses groundwater and so makes a contribution to high drinking water quality.

This applies in particular to invisible media, such as, for example, groundwaters.

We help our customers in preliminary and detailed fact-finding assessments and explorations, site inspections and surveys, along with the long term monitoring of underground water systems. We take care of the procedures required for obtaining operating licences from the water management authority, carry out the tasks of regular monitoring from sampling through analysis to the preparation of the annual monitoring reports and the completion of the “FAVI MIR” data sheets introduced by the water authority.

Sampling and analysis of garden wells used for irrigation, together with working out an evaluation of the results, is a service offered to and used by household customers. This is another function with which customers’ can use the services of our professionals and technicians.