WESSLING Hungary Kft. is a Superbrands award winner

Outstanding recognition: our knowledge centre has been listed among the best Hungarian brands.

In November, the Business Superbrands Award was presented for the twelfth time. On this occasion, the trademark of high quality, well-known to the general public, was awarded to an independent laboratory. How did the WESSLING Knowledge Centre become a superbrand?

Launched twenty-four years ago in the UK by marketing and communications professionals, the programme aimed to set a good example by placing outstanding brands into the spotlight. Today, Superbrands, signifies a prestigious rating system in nearly 90 countries, with prizes awarded to the best consumer and business brands, with the awarding decided by a 45-member, independent committee consisting of marketing and corporate executives following a multi-stage selection process.

“Contrary to appearances, the Superbrands award is not decided by the jury, it is earned by the brand” - stated the Chairman of the Business Superbrands Committee, Dr István Salgó.

WESSLING Hungary Kft., which is also an accredited, independent laboratory, and has been carrying out environmental, food and pharmaceutical testing in Hungary for over twenty-five years, earned this recognition for itself.

How does a company with 300 employees and a turnover of more than HUF 4 billion become one of the most prestigious brands?

The Business Superbrands programme highlights, taking into account the recommendations of the major Hungarian professional organisations and associations, the excellent Hungarian companies based on the Bisnode database, which do not deal primarily with consumers but rather with businesses and organisations (also called B2B, that is, the business to business sector). WESSLING is also such a company: it delivers test results quickly and reliably to its partners and its technical equipment, and the expertise and experience of its employees is world-class.

“We are constantly expanding our portfolio: we conduct GMO testing for the above referenced services, we carry out, among other things, testing of packaging materials, cosmetics or asbestos surveys, and now we are even performing radioanalytical testing of waters - stated the Managing Director of the company, Dr László Zanathy.

In addition to successful business management, similarly to other Superbrands winners, we also strive to excel in communications and branding practices - added László Zanathy. In addition to market research, our modern Knowledge Centre in Újpest is engaged in national and international research, we cooperate with the most significant Hungarian universities, and we also carry out serious educational activities for secondary school students. In addition, we publish a scientific periodical, run a public interest website, hold prestigious conferences, and launch initiatives such as the Labadventure educational competition and the Tiny Plastic Puzzle project, during which we measured the micro-plastic content of surface waters, or published our food safety promoting Smart Shopping series of articles” - said László Zanathy, listing the extensive activities of WESSLING, which all contributed to the winning of the Superbrands award.

Superbrands Business recognition is extremely important to us, because, in addition to our excellent professional reputation, market leading position and dedication of our colleagues, we have now been recognised for our role in economic and public life, as well as marketing communications, and it turns out that, a testing laboratory can also be an exemplary and attractive brand.