WESSLING in Serbia

In Serbia, WESSLING Serbia was founded in 2017 as a full member of the WESSLING Group, rapidly developing in the former Yugoslavian region and winning new markets in the area of professional and specialized laboratory and consulting services.

With our subsidiary in Subotica , we represent a wide range of services across Serbia,  Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia . Our fully equipped modern laboratory and knowledge center in Budapest provides testing for Food safety, Enviromental protection and Pharmaceutical analyses.

Samples can be sent to our laboratory located in Budapest where we receive samples all over the world .These samples are analyzed in accordance with the high quality standards, providing our customers equal high quality all over the world.

Wessling Hungary is authorized by the hungarian accreditation board.


24000 Subotica, Štrosmajerova 6.
Tel: +36 20 250 1139
Contact: Kisjuhász Attila
E-mail: kisjuhasz.attila@wessling.hu


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