WESSLING, a family business since 1983

It was in January 1983 that Dr. Erwin Weßling laid down the foundation stone of the company in the town of Altenberge, starting the first chapter of the company’s success story.

The Weßling family at the handover 2015

This success story continues to unfold even now, a generation later: the international WESSLING Group, and its 1600 employees, is now led by Julia, Florian, Anna and Diana Weßling, towards a future of prosperity.

The very first laboratory was established by Dr. Erwin Weßling in a 18th century windmill in the heart of the Münster region. This was then followed by the opening of new WESSLING laboratories across Germany and, since 1992, in other countries. Today, 35 years after its launch the company has 25 branch units in Europe and China.

We have become an international analyst and consultant

Through years of continuous growth and expansion the company held on to its principles and built up an enviable reputation in consultancy based on engineering and scientific knowledge and expertise, tailored to customers’ concrete specific requirements, relying on precise analytical methods and test results.

The handover of the baton to the next generation

The site of the first WESSLING laboratory in Münsterland

1983: establishment of the company

Dr Erwin Weßling opens the first chemical laboratory in Altenberge, in Germany’s Münster region. The laboratory, focusing on water tests, was put in place in a restored windmill.

The WESSLING site in Hungary

1992: Budapest, the first international branch unit

To meet customers’ demand, the company starts developing an international network. The first subsidiary outside Germany is established in Budapest, Hungary.

WESSLING location Lyon

1999: WESSLING in France

Another stage in a wave of growth in Europe: Lyon, France.

English is the language used for international communications at WESSLING

2005: The Company adopts English as its official language

With the launching of subsidiaries in Hungary, France, Germany and Romania, communication reached an international level. To enable smooth and unimpeded communication of information and knowledge towards partners and subsidiaries alike, WESSLING adopts English for a corporate language.

The family of entrepreneurs congratulates the winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award

2008: The launch of the WESSLING International Innovation Award

The company recognised that innovation meeting its customers’ demand is the main engine of growth. Therefore it launches an Innovation Prize to identify the best ideas conceived in the Group. The winners are awarded EUR 10,000.

WESSLING opens a branch in China

2011: WESSLING opens its subsidiary in China

By launching a branch unit in Shanghai the Company builds a bridgehead in Asia to explore its local partners’ demands. The growth and development of the Chinese subsidiary was successfully fostered by Anna Weßling for a number of years.

Company founder Dr Erwin Weßling, Julia and Florian Weßling (managing partners), Anna and Diana Weßling (partners)

2015: Family generation change

“We spare no effort to manage the family business towards a future of success” – and after Dr. Erwin Weßling’s handover of the relay baton now Julia, Florian, Anna and Diana Weßling are in charge of the company. It took years to prepare for the succession and the handover ceremony was solemn and touching.

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