Basic principles of corporate governance

WESSLING – the international QHSE company Our success is enabled by our partners.

Our efforts are aimed at making a continuous contribution to our customers’ success.

We are independent of customers, authorities, products, markets and any third party.

We are incorruptible. We actively combat all forms of corruption.

We strictly observe and comply with all relevant statutory and normative regulations.

We only use licensed software and comply with the provisions laid down in our licence contracts.

We guarantee the protection of all data subjects and handle all information as strictly confidential.

In using information networks we observe and comply with the relevant statutory regulations and protect WESSLING’s good reputation. We prohibit the spreading of repulsive, insulting, un-constitutional, racist, sexist and pornographic content.

WESSLING is a company that never stops learning and improving.

We broaden the range of our services and increase our competitive advantage by learning from mistakes and by persistently expanding our knowledge. We seek for the best solutions with our partners.

The development of our products is driven by innovation with our management’s active support. Innovation improves our products and services, raises the standards and level of organisation and the efficiency of our processes.

Our activities are focused on and supported by Quality Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE).

QSHE is a coherent system. Our corporate processes are aimed at improving the QSHE factors – both in-house and for our customers. The protection of QSHE improves the quality of our lives.

We are committed to ensuring and maintaining the highest possible quality in our tests, analyses and consultancy services. Our services are in conformity to standards, legal regulations, requirements based on technical and scientific criteria and up to the quality standards expected by our customers. Our services are as up-to-date as possible.

Our activities are based on responsibility for health and safety – both ours and our customers’. We know full well that accidents can be prevented: so we have adopted a zero accident philosophy. Our shared responsibilities include a focus on avoiding critical situations and an emphasis on aspects on operational safety and on health.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and drug use are strictly prohibited at the workplace.

Our employees pay particular attention to each other for signs of any problems stemming from addictions or stress caused by physical or spiritual conditions. We do care for our colleagues and take the necessary steps when required.

All of our activities are based on mutual respect, responsibility, reliability, openness and transparency – we lay particular emphasis on ensuring this.

Our communication is open, transparent, understandable and accurate.

Our success is based on and driven by all of our staff members’ enthusiasm, which we maintain by creating working conditions reconciling work with private life and family.

We take an active stance against all kinds of discrimination.

Our company is enriched by diversity. We support the continuous development and improvement of each and every one of our employees.

We have built up relations based on mutual confidence and trust with our suppliers with whom we cooperate in the long term; at the same time we expect them to share their constructive ideas with us.

We provide centralised and decentralised support and assistance through donations and sponsorship to selected projects that are in line with our philosophy.

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