WESSLING – the international consulting, analyst and planning company. Ever since our inception in 1983 we have been relentlessly striving to provide our Partners with high standard analytical and consultancy services, tailored to their needs and requirements.

WESSLING Quality of life

We also aim to provide comprehensive solutions in the segments of environment, food, consumer goods, real estate and cosmetics, providing answers to all possible questions. Therefore, we are continuously expanding the range of our services as well as our expertise.

The family-owned business, headquartered in Germany’s Münsterland region, has an excellent reputation in its home country as well as in Europe and Hungary. As an independent company, the key value for us is our close relationships with our customers.

It is in this spirit that we offer our services through 26 branches across Europe and in China. Being a family business, the name WESSLING is a synonym for impartiality, integrity and innovation.

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